Eyes like me…


     They said that when they brought me here to get better, I was only going to be here for a short time. It’s been 2 years, 1 month, and 6 days. I’m not getting better…   They said that the voices in my head were going to go away, but they still talk to me once in a while…    They said that all my nightmares would go away too, but it’s just the same thing over and over again.

     One day, a woman came in to teach, I hear her name is Dorothea.  She has brown hair.  Her eyes are a very dark brown, kind of like me,  just like me…

    She looked at me and whispered, ” I will promise to help you, no matter what.”  she brushed her hand across my cheek, and took my hand into hers.   I don’t remember the last time someone ever even speaking to me like that, they were always just ordering me around telling me what to do. There’s just something about her that makes me feel, safe.       

     She comes back, again and again to talk to us. Nothing specific, just to talk, and she would sometimes teach us things, like all the other school kids.  She’s always has a huge smile on her face, and she makes all the people here feel at least a  little lighter . This makes me happy.  I am always looking forward to seeing those beautiful eyes again.

     She comes in one day, and she says, ” Let me help you.”

     I was a little confused, I thought she had been helping me all along, teaching, and making us all feel better.

     She took my hand again, and walked me through the long hallways towards to front door.  Was she allowed to do this? I’m not allowed outside, I haven’t been outside for such a long time, I’m a little scared.

     Her hand turns the knob slowly and light bursts into my eyes, I shut them closed. 

    ” It’s so …bright!” I say.

     I hear a soft laughter, “Open those eyes my dear, there is so much you still have to see.”







Heroes…what are they?

     When I think of the word hero, there are no faces or names come to mind.  Of course lots of people see heroes as the ones who save lives and have super powers, like superman.  Some also say doctors and nurses are heroes, because they save peoples lives.  I believe there is no such thing as a “real hero” because all we have come up with is someone who has done good for those around them.  If that is what we see as a true hero, then we are all heroes. 

     Everyone in this world has done something good, whether it be for someone else or even themselves.  Someone is called a hero when they have done something good for someone else, saved their lives, helped them, anything; but they have to be noticed, and it has to be big.  When someone does something small it’s just considered a good deed, but when another person comes along and does something HUGE, it’s then when they are called the hero. It’s is because of this, I do not believe there is one “real hero”. 

    No matter what, we can all call ourselves a hero of our own, all based on what you believe.


Should the U.S government be more or less democratic?

      I believe that the government we have now is fine the way it is, changing it by making it more or less democratic would not make a difference.  Many people are familiar with the government we have now, but just because it’s more or less democratic won’t change the citizens minds or ideas.  This is what matters most in the end, because that is what changes things.

If there was no electoral college…

     If in fact there wasn’t an electoral college, and people were to directly elect the president,  I think some of the circumstances would have to be that there would need to be reasoning behind their choices.  The purpose of this would be to make sure that everyone was positive with their choices, and that the person they choose can have more of a relationship with their people.  This would make them closer, and in the end, have a better feeling economy.

What really inspires me

     I would have to say that my biggest inspiration is, the whole entire world itself.  I say this because, there is just so much you can learn and create based off everything that we see before us. There is also just so much that we haven’t discovered, and that is what brings out our creativity, being able to discover and learn from new experiences.

     But I also think that life in general inspires me. I mean, it is what just makes so many questions enter my mind, so many theories that can possibly never be answered. Or maybe it already has, but I just need to find it.  Life is everything, without it there is nothing.  Going from people, animals, plants, everything. There is just so much to learn, so much to explore;  Life is everything, my inspiration…

       sky-and-flowers.jpg sky, flowers image by luciargh


Our Wings…



     What are you supposed to say to your child when they ask, ” Mommy, can we go home now…?”  and you know that there is nothing left where you once called home. What are you supposed to say when he says, “Mommy, I’m cold. Or Mommy I’m hungry.” and you know that there is no food, and all you have to clothe him is a large wool blanket, feet completely bare.

     I put the little one up on top of our horse, and manage a smile, he smiles back.  He is strong, but won’t be able to hold on forever, for there is so much more land to cover to get where we were headed.  We walk all day, taking short brakes to rest our aching legs.  You can hear the wails of the infants pleading for food.  I just hold him in my arms, and whisper, “It’s going to be ok…”

     We settle down for the night. A little hand points up to the sky, “Mommy, look! sparrows! Aren’t they pretty?” he says.

     “They are beautiful” I say, looking up

     “I want to fly, just like them…”

     ” You will, we can both fly together.”

     He smiled, laying back slowly into my arms, and drifted off to sleep. I look up at the sky, for there weren’t many animals around. They suffer as we do, from the cold and little amount of food. But those birds, they were still flying strong. I needed to be those wings that supported him, I had to be with him for as long as I could.  But I knew, that as long as we were together, we could fly forever…

It’s Not Easy Being Green

  These days, everyone is trying to become more and more green. But what does being green mean? Being green means being more eco-friendly, and trying to do everything to help the planet.  For example: not throwing trash all over the ground (littering!), using other sourses of energy (solar, wind, hydroelectric,etc.), and many other things.  But what I thing stands in the way of all this is the people who don’t care to do anything.  When somone sees another person doing something, they will usually follow thier lead.  Another example, if one person sees another pick up a peice of paper of the ground, they will do the same.  I guess you can say this because people like being accepted in the group, if you are different you are pushed off to the side.  If one sets an example for another, then others will follow. 

Some things that my family do to be stay eco-friendly is plant many flowers, vegetables, etc. But we also try not to waste any food, we only get what we know we are going to use, so nothing goes to waste.  I think that we should be at east in the littlest bit more eco-friendly, because as said before it sets an example out for others to follow.


                                                     eco-earth-friendly-events.jpg eco friendly image by kszcrb


What is Democracy?

Democracy is a system of government in which power is shared among all.

Though no democratic government or system, is exactly the same, there are two principles in which they all follow: That all people have equal access to power; and that they all enjoy universal recognized freedoms and liberties. 











Which one matters the most: actions or intentions?

     The question is, Do you define a person by their actions or their intentions?  Actions are what we physically do, what we perform.  Intentions are the purpose of our actions.  What I think that is that people judge others too much by their appearance, their actions.  They only see what is on the outside, and that is what they judge a person on, their first impression. 

     I believe that it is for a person to judge someone on their intentions, not their actions.  My reasoning is because sometimes you intend to do something, and it just doesn’t come out the way you planned.  Is it right for people to judge you on what happened?  Your Mistakes?  Everyone makes them, so you shouldn’t be judged on how you act, but by what your intentions are.  If someone doesn’t forgive another person for what their actions were, when their intentions were good, that’s their problem.  I don’t always forgive people because I’m soft or don’t care, I forgive them because I know that people can make mistakes.  It is my job to know if and when they have learned from those mistakes or not.

     By reading  dmcordell.blogspot.com/ blog post, it is really what supported by theory. The school had not gotten their newspaper, and they were upset.  They blamed the postmen for not bringing them their paper. Then when they got a response from the publisher of that day’s newspaper, he explained that the image on the newspaper might not have been suitable for the students of the school, and didn’t want to cause any problems.  When they read this letter, they knew that they had overreacted, and misunderstood them.  Soon after, the newspaper was sent to the school, and they had no further arguments. All that mattered was the explanation, then intentions of the publishers.  So, the actions of a person should not be the one thing you judge a person on because you don’t know what’s really happening. What you should do is look for their intentions, that is what really stands out.